VisionThe FP7 Horizon 2012 project focuses on the stimulus of the Portuguese participation in the Europeans 7th Framework Programme Aerospace R&D calls.
For that, PEMAS supports the companies to find suitable calls, consortia and partners for their application. In adittion, PEMAS supports the state-of-the-art development as well as the proposal construction and submission in order to incentivize the portuguese participation in the Aerospace FP7 R&D calls.

Project number: 27362
Starting Date:June 2012
End: April 2013
Total eligible investment: 80.330,91€
Total incentive: 55.576,80€
Funded by: QREN in the scope of Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade, supported by FEDER.

Stimulate and increase the representation of Portugal’s Aerospace R&D in international networks and European community organizations.
The project has designed and oriented to the establishment and provision of public goods. More, it added value information for small business and entrepreneurs through the dissemination of information on the participation in FP7 projects, support actions as state-of-the-art analysis and adequate analysis of technological roadmap.
All the information and knowledge gathered and created in this project is available for public access in the project platform.


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