Project acronym: RUE AERO

Project duration (months): 18 months

Coordinating organisation: EACP office

Number of partners: 9 partners from 5 countries

Project approved in: February 2015

Starting date: May 2015



PEMAS with a new European project approved

Following its role, PEMAS together with 8 other cluster partners from the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership will be part of a project aims at supporting and foster the collaboration between the multiple aerospace clusters within Europe. Therefore it will strengthen the continuation of the successful inter-cluster network within the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP).

EACP has been serving the European Cluster initiatives for more than 5 years with very successful outcomes. Representing 34 Aerospace clusters across Europe and fostering the collaborative processes amongst them, EACP managed to induce more than 30 collaborative projects between member clusters and to support several cooperation actions amongst their companies, hence, actively and successfully contributing for the success and growth of several cluster initiatives.

RUE AERO (Reaching Up to Excellence in Aerospace Cluster Management), stems from one of the Expressions of Interest for a European Strategic Cluster Partnership and pursues to bring about the means to give continuity to the above mentioned ECCP call.

The project will not only provide the means, but also the road-map and the drum-beat to improve the partners quality of cluster management and to support at least 5 partners of the consortium achieving the next (higher) level of their corresponding label. More, it intends to support the further collaboration between the multiple aerospace clusters within Europe. Therefore it will strengthen the inter-cluster collaboration within the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP).

The partner organisations will also exchange information about their current menu of services to SMEs. The collection of practices will provide a pool of ideas to the project partners. This pool of ideas helps the partners to further their cluster management excellent by allowing them to pick the most transferable and best actions for individual (common if possible) implementation.

The project aims to foster excellence in regional cluster managements and to strengthen the European strategic partnership EACP as a whole. Exchanging content and management practices will lead to a better partnership infrastructure and activity level to the benefit of ALL partners.

Ultimately, the project will foster Excellence in Regional/National Cluster Management and through general growth in excellence of the participants will strengthen the European Strategic Partnership ESCP has the duration of 24 months and an overall budget of 245.850,00€ being that PEMAS budget is of 33.075,00€ with a funding rate of 100%.

It is expected that by the end of the project 5 of the participants have obtained a Certification Label in Excellent Cluster Management.

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