• EC funded research project
  • Framework 7 – Aeronautics SP1-Cooperation Coordination and Support actions
  • PARTNERS: 9 entities of 8 European countries and Israel
  • PEMAS: Partner and Work Package leader


The AeroPortal project is created by the merger of the two support actions AeroSME and SCRATCH. It is the prime objective of AeroPortal to support aeronautical SMEs in advancing their technology base and their competitiveness through participation in European RTD projects.

This is done by creating a single point of reference for information and project opportunities and by providing a wide ranging direct support encompassing:

  • The support to help SMEs integrate both Level 1 and 2 proposals put forward by large companies;
  • The support to SMEs to set up their own project proposals. AeroPortal will set up, and maintain, an internet portal, which will be an exchange place where project ideas, offers and requests of technical capabilities, partner searches, etc. can be posted and supported by an interactive database containing profiles of European SMEs and offering effective search features.

In addition to the virtual networking provided by the internet portal, AeroPortal will establish a permanent cooperation with all interested groups involved in support activities to aeronautical SMEs, such as SME clusters, National and Regional Associations, and also other funded Aeronautics Support Actions. These groups will be invited to become members of the AeroPortal Multiplier Group.
AeroPortal is a consortium of experts for European technology funding in aeronautics who offer their services free-of-charge to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Born from the merger of the previous support actions AeroSME and SCRATCH, the project is funded by the European Union and coordinated by the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

Overall Budget: 1,5M EURO
Starting Date: December 2007
End Date: May 2010
The main objective of AeroPortal is to encourage and support the participation of SMEs in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7). This is done by providing:

  • a single point of reference for information and support on EU funded aeronautics projects;
  • first hand information on large industry projects;
  • training and hands-on support to SME consortia who are preparing European research and technology development projects.



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