Under the offset compensation contract between the Offset Permanent Commission, on behalf of the Portuguese State, and Lockheed-Martin MS2 Tactical Systems (L-M) on the modernization of five Lockheed P-3 C “Orion” concluded in July 2008 the program PAIC IMPERIO UAS is formalized and begins the process of implementation of the project.

PAIC consortium is composed of 14 companies, R&D centres and led by PEMAS
The consortium developed and flown two different aerial platforms and has a third under development.
PEMAS created the company X AEROSYSTEMS, S.A. to manage the project and to lead its results to the market.

Overall Budget: 2,5M EURO + 96M EURO OFFSETS
Starting Date: April 2009
End Date: December 2012
Funded by: Portuguese Government + Lockheed Martin

  • The establishment of a technological and industrial platform that enables the development of a supply chain for unmanned aircraft systems (UAV);
  • The establishment of a solid platform for collaboration between the Lockheed-Martin (L-M) and the Portuguese Industry




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