The CARE project will reinforce the R&D networking already instigated at regional level through research-driven clusters and will increase the competitiveness of these regions in the field of Green Aircraft Transportation by:

  • enhancing more effective investments in R&D at regional level;
  • stimulating the setting-up of additional regional research-orientated clusters (mentoring activity);
  • catalyzing synergies and public private partnerships both on finance and research agendas standpoints at the European scale.

The CARE proposal will be performed by a consortium of mature aeronautics research-oriented regional clusters gathering large and small enterprises, research actors and local authorities and two less-mature aeronautics clusters to be mentored.

Overall Budget: 2,5M EURO
Starting Date: January 2012
End Date: December 2014
Funded by: European Commission

The main objective of AeroPortal is to encourage and support the participation of SMEs in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7). This is done by providing:

  • a single point of reference for information and support on EU funded aeronautics projects;
  • first hand information on large industry projects;
  • training and hands-on support to SME consortia who are preparing European research and technology development projects.



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