Optimal is focused on the engineering and manufacturing of lightweight composite structures. The aeronautical market is at our core, for which we have a dedicated division, supplying leading airframe manufacturers, Optimal Aerostructures. Relying on our integrated engineering and manufacturing capacities we can provide turn-key solutions, from concept to part, through FEA and tooling.
Our installed capacity covers, M&P, Stress Analysis, Design, Tooling and Composite Components Manufacture.


Engineering; composites, manufacturing, development.



·    Preliminary trade-off studies

·    R&D in composite manufacturing

·    Methods development composites and metallic

·    Bespoke tools development

·    Global FEA models generation and integration

·    Stress analysis

·    Optimization, composites and metallic

·    Stress check and certification

·    Test campaigns definition and coordination


Rua de S. Francisco, 786, Arm. CE
Parque Doroana, Adroana
2645-019 Alcabideche -Portugal
T: +351 210 997 788
E: info@optimal pt




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