ISQ is a private Portuguese entity, established in 1965, with a Group turnover, in 2009, of 80M€ (44% overseas) and a staff in the order of 1300 people, a permanent presence in 9 countries and operations in around 20 countries.Some of ISQ areas of expertise are Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, Testing, Technical Inspections and Research and Development.Competencies

  • ISQ has invested more than 55M€ in R&D projects, some of them in aeronautics and space with partners such as EADS, Rolls-Royce, NASA, Fiat, Agusta and Airbus, amid others.
  • As a test house, ISQ has, clients such as Thales Alenia Space, Snecma Propulsion Solide, ESA/ESTEC among others.
  • At the Centre Spatial Guyanais – Kourou, as a member of the GIE ESQS, we are providing, in a permanent basis since 2003, technical inspections for CNES and Arianespace to Ariane and Soyuz. Some other clients are CERN, ITER and the ESO.


Taguspark – Oeiras
Avª Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, nº 33
2740 – 120 Porto Salvo
T: +351 214 228 100
F: +351 214 228 120


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