Founded in 1975, IBEROMOLDES is an engineering and tooling Group with a strong expertise in diversified areas such as product design and engineering, computer simulation, prototyping, manufacture of jigs, rapid and non-conventional tooling, moulds and automation systems.The company is part of a group with 19 companies and more than 1000 employees and is located in Marinha Grande.

Precision Tooling and Engineering, Prototyping.


  • Commercial and Corporate Aviation:
    – Components Manufacturing
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS):
    – Unmanned Tactical and Experimental Aerial Vehicles
  • Structures and Materials:
    – SSI and Sub-Assemblies in: Metal, Plastic
    – Semi-finished Products
    – Components and Materials Inspection
  • Tools and Machines:
    – Development and Manufacturing of Maintenance and Production Tools
    – Special Tools


Rua Augusto Costa – Picassinos Ap. 33
2431-956 Marinha Grande-Portugal
T: +351 244 573 420
F: +351 244 573 429



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