Established in 1988, EDISOFT is the national leader in the domains of command and control systems, systems integration, logistic information systems, collective security systems and space systems.

As a Portuguese presence throughout the world, EDISOFT’s systems clearly highlight the company’s internationalization effort and commitment to innovation and excellence.


Hi-tech Software Engineered for Experts, Software development, command and control, air traffic management, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems, Tactical Data Links.



·    Aerospace :
– Embedded Systems,
– Satellite Navigation and Communication Systems,
– Maritime & Earth Observation Systems,
– Aeronautics & Air Traffic Management
– Emergency & Security Systems

·    Commercial and Corporate Aviation
– Aerospace Engineering and Design

·    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
– Unmanned Tactical and Experimental Aerial Vehicles
– System Development and Integration
– Mission Control Software and Commercial Applications

·    Systems and Simulation
– Simulation Platforms Conceptualization and Development
– System Test Benches and Tools Development
– Systems Integration

Rua Calvet de Magalhães Nº245
2770-153 Paço de Arcos – PORTUGAL
T: +351 212 945 900
F: +351 212 945 999



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