Critical Materials is a company focused in the development of solutions and products in critical applications of material systems and structures. Critical Material’s PRODDIA™ is an innovative Structural Health Monitoring and management system with applications across several High Demanding Markets.

Critical Materials kicked-off operations in 2009 based on a joint vision of Critical Group and two researchers from the University of Minho / PIEP. Critical Group provides go-to-market support while the two individual founders contributed with a large experience in the field of advanced materials and structures.

The founders have 10+ years experience in research and development in the field of structural analysis and advanced materials development and applications in wide range of industries: aeronautics, space, automotive, energy and manufacturing. They have reference work with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ESA, Simoldes, Plasfil, PSA, AutoEuropa and AMTROL ALFA, among others. The integration of a group of top researchers and engineers with varied experience in academic and industrial environments created a team highly skilled in providing integrated health & monitoring solutions to current and future challenges in our focus industries: Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Energy and Infrastructures.



Self-healing bio-inspired systems will revolutionize the design and maintenance of long lasting equipment.


To provide technology and efficient products for diagnosis and prognosis of critical applications of advanced material systems.


Our unique combination of capability across Materials, Software and Hardware, allows us to look at any challenge with multiple perspectives and develop the best possible solution.


Avepark – Science and Technology Park | PO Box 4152
3045-504 Guimarães, Portugal
T: +351 253 421 032
F: +351 253 421 033


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