EQS is an engineering group that provides integrated asset management services, ensuring compliance, quality, reliability, performance and safety.

EQS operates worldwide with offices in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Qatar, USA and Israel.



EQS delivers highly specialized engineering services, advanced inspection and testing, human resources solutions, technology and software.



  • SHM – Structural Health Monitoring

-In-Service Asset Monitoring

-Technology Validation, Testing and Approval

  • Instrumentation

-Sensors & Data Acquisition Systems (Nanotechnology, Fiber Optic, Electric and Non-contact Technologies)

-Signal Processing

-Product Development (Design, Hardware, Software, Firmware and Certification)

  • Software (Cloud)

-Structural Health Monitoring

-3D Integrity Management

-Risk Management

-Reliability & Condition-based Maintenance

-Asset Management

  • Product Testing & Advanced Simulation

-Advanced Simulation

-Finite Element Analysis; Computational Fluid Analysis; Multiphysics Analysis; Vibration Analysis; Effectiveness of Non-Destructive Testing.

-Isotropic, orthotropic, and hyperelastic materials, with nonlinear behaviour and others resulting from experimental linear or nonlinear analysis, among others.

-Product Testing (Mechanical Testing; Non-Destructive Testing; Performance Evaluation)

  • Design Engineering & Project Management

-Design of Facilities, Structures, Components, Equipment’s and Systems

-3D Modelling

-Creation of Intelligent Models

-Reverse Engineering

-Procurement and Construction Management

  • Asset Life Management

-Identification and Evaluation of Degradation Mechanisms

-Remaining Life Assessment

-Reliability and Maintenance Support

-Failure Analysis

-Forensic Support

-Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing

  • Safety Management & Security

-Risk Assessment (Threats, Risk and Vulnerability)

-Human Factors

-Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance

-Industrial Hygiene

  • Training
  • Human Resources Solutions


-Technical Staffing



T: +351 227 637 720

F: +351 227 637 729


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