PEMAS Skills and Competencies


















PEMAS Technologies

·    Commercial and Corporate Aviation
– Aerospace Engineering and Design
– Integrated Design and Cabin Environment Development
– Cabin and Interior Refurbishment Materials Supply

– Components Manufacturing
– Aircraft Maintenance JAR-145/EASA Part-145
– Aircraft Operation JAR-145/EASA Part-145
– Flight School
– Passengers and Cargo Air Transport – JAR-OPS 1 Certified


·    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
– Unmanned Tactical and Experimental Aerial Vehicles
– System Development and Integration
– Mission Control Software and Commercial Applications


·    Systems and Simulation
– Simulation Platforms Conceptualization and Development
– System Test Benches and Tools Development
– Virtual Reality Systems and VR Supported Crew Training
– Systems Integration
– Communication Systems

– Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


·    Structures and Materials
– Aerospace Structures, Structural Significant Items (SSI) and Sub- Assemblies in: Metal, Plastic, Composite
– Engine Materials and Parts
– Semi-finished Products
– Surface Treatments
– Non-Destructive Testing
– Components and Materials Inspection
– Smart Materials
– Material Engineering and Development


·    Tools and Machines
– Development and Manufacturing of Maintenance and Production Tools
– Special Tools

– Project, Development and Manufacturing of Special and Custom Machines
– Automation and Control Systems
– Material Coating and Casing Technologies
– Systems Testing, Certification and Validation


·    Space
– Onboard Systems
– Test benches Development and Coordination

– Commercial Satellites Applications and Development
– Geographic Information Software (GIS)
– Mission Control Software and Commercial Applications

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