PEMAS association is broad and multidisciplinary network of Portuguese companies and R&D centres focused on the aerospace industry.

The specific objectives of the group are:

  • Integrate national and international aerospace industry supply chains.
  • Promote, manage and develop aerospace programmes as a non-commercial entity.
  • Actively contribute to the definition of public policies for the aerospace industry and its involved markets

PEMAS open network aims at integrating challenging cutting edge technological projects, foster competiveness and create added value for the industry.
PEMAS is a private non-profit organization formalized in February 2006.

PEMAS participation in both national and international projects is based upon a close cooperation with the aerospace supply chain systems integration companies.
The members combined turnover exceeds 1.100M€ and represents over 13,500 direct highly specialized jobs working on different areas of expertise in the academic, research and industrial fields.

PEMAS fosters and incentivizes the idea of growth by cooperation, focusing on national and international collaboration. More, it has established several agreements with congeneric organizations and a number of international networks. Co-founder of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership presently counting 40 clusters from 13 countries and representing more than 6000 entities that proved to be an outstanding example of cooperation amongst clusters.

PEMAS has offices in Coimbra, Oporto and Lisbon.

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